Expression of interest procedure for the use of the event area at the Bootshafen as a Christmas market location for three years*

Kiel-Marketing e.V. (KM) invites interested providers to submit corresponding event concepts for the future use and integration of the area at the Bootshafen during the Christmas market season as a supplement to the five existing Kiel Christmas markets on Holstenplatz, Asmus-Bremer-Platz, Rathausplatz, in the Old Town at Alter Markt and in the Holtenauer Straße.

Strategic background and objectives

The objectives of the expression of interest procedure and thus the requirements for the concept to be submitted for the use of the Bootshafen are set out in detail in Annexes 1 and 2 and are summarized here:

With the completion of the Holstenfleet, an unprecedented quality of stay has been created in the center of Kiel. Bootshafen's spatial hinge function between the city center and the Fjord must be used for the further development of the state capital's Christmas world.

The central objective is to create an attraction that contributes to Kiel's unique maritime position, helps to increase further supra-regional visitor potential and, at the same time, clearly stands out from Kiel's previous Christmas market locations.

Submission deadline

The concept must be submitted by March 1, 2024. The submission of a coherent and attractive overall concept including a seasonal usage fee is requested. Further specifications and conditions can be found in the individual sections of the expression of interest procedure described in this document.

Contact for queries:

Johannes Hesse
Head of City and Downtown Management
Tel.: 0431 / 679 10-51
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