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Are you looking for a new job, want to gain experience in an internship or take your first steps in the world of work? At Kiel-Marketing, there are many different tasks and areas where you can get involved.

Here you will find current job advertisements, apprenticeships and internships as well as temporary and seasonal jobs. Our vacancies are updated regularly. So it's always worth taking a look!

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Kiel-Marketing develops the communication of the state capital under the brand Kiel.Sailing.City:

  • about growth in tourism
  • about events and planning in city and downtown management
  • about business location advertising
  • about international sailing events and maritime events

Kiel-Marketing is organized as an association and as a limited company (GmbH). 400 companies, institutions, and citizens as well as the state capital as a shareholder in the GmbH bring money and commitment together with a common goal:

Joining forces and resources so that Kiel wins.

Are you part of this city? Do you do your business here? Do you love the quality of life in Kiel? Do you want Kiel to sail further ahead? There is no better platform than Kiel-Marketing to contribute to this!

    Kiel-Marketing represents Kiel's marketing interests at:

    • Marketing Cooperation of the Cities in Schleswig-Holstein (MaKS)
    • Tourism Agency Schleswig-Holstein (TASH)
    • Tourism Association Schleswig-Holstein (TVSH)
    • Regional Management Region Kiel
    • Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce
    • German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DeHoGa)
    • Schleswig- Holstein Retail Association
    • State Sports Association of Schleswig-Holstein
    • State capital Kiel
    • State Government of Schleswig-Holstein and many more

The mission statement of Kiel-Marketing e.V. and GmbH

    • Marketing organization of the state capital Kiel with the areas of tourism, sailing & business, city and downtown management
    • Multiplier of the brand Kiel.Sailing.City.
    • Driving force for development in the above-mentioned fields of work
    • Specialist expertise in the fields of tourism, location and city marketing, event management and sponsoring
    • Interface between business, science, politics and administration
    • Contacts with customers and partners regionally, nationally and internationally
    • Identification with our city
    • Moving forward with innovation and creativity
    • Kiel - Top destination and excursion destination in the Baltic Sea region
    • Kiel - Best quality of life in the north
    • Kiel - Schleswig-Holstein's No. 1 service city
    • Kiel-Marketing - Indispensable partner in Kiel
    • Kiel.Sailing.City. - Most attractive maritime city in Northern Germany
    • Kiel.Sailing.City. - Best-known brand in the international city competition
    • Kiel.Sailing.City. - Increasing brand awareness and brand differentiation 
    • Increasing distribution and identification with the Kiel.Sailing.City. brand
    • Developing new brand-related products and services
    • Joining forces
    • Constantly increasing productivity
    • Building and nurturing our networks
    • Communication of a positive image internally and externally
    • Promotion of positive economic development through sustainable tourism and city marketing concepts and products
    • Promotion of Kiel as a science location
    • Revitalization and greater attractiveness of the cityscape
    • Increase in the quality of life of Kiel's citizens by promoting and creating various leisure and cultural activities
    • Support of social projects in the Kiel area
    • Making Kiel a maritime experience for everyone in Kiel
    • Team spirit and fairness
    • Service orientation
    • Reliability and commitment
    • Appreciation and respect
    • Positive attitude
    • Hospitality
    • Transparency and sustainability

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