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Pries-Friedrichsort is maritime, a Kiel district with history right by the sea. Tradition mixes with a desire for innovation, local recreation meets owner-managed trade, crafts, shipyards and industry. Lively and colourful, Pries-Friedrichsort has a lot to offer - from a wide range of cultural activities as well as diverse leisure and sports opportunities to an excellent urban infrastructure.

The heart of the district is the town center with its shopping street. This is where Kiel-Marketing and the district management are working to revitalize the district center and make the heart of Pries-Friedrichsort beat faster again. The area of activity is shown in the diagram below. In order to revitalize and make the center more attractive, the district management is focusing on bringing life back into vacant spaces, establishing a district community for sustainable cooperation and developing a long-term profiling strategy that will make the district and thus the entire district fit for the future.

Lighthouse Festival Pries-Friedrichsort - 03.09.23

The Leuchtturmfest - the festival around the lighthouse in Kiel Pries-Friedrichsort - was a complete success! With several thousand visitors, the festival was very well attended and the program was very well received. The great weather contributed to a pleasant atmosphere and a great experience for all visitors.

The tradespeople were also satisfied with the festival. The companies had the opportunity to present their products and services to a wide audience. The Lighthouse Festival provided an ideal platform for the local companies: They were once again able to raise awareness among local residents.

The positive reaction of the guests was particularly pleasing. Over cool drinks and good local music, people met up with other residents of the district to talk and make new contacts. The Lighthouse Festival was a great opportunity to strengthen the community in the neighbourhood and promote cooperation. Many residents would like to see more events of this kind. They should further strengthen the neighbourhood and deepen the sense of togetherness .

A larger selection of food stalls was also requested. Although there were already many different food options, some visitors would have liked even more. We have taken the feedback on board and will endeavour to offer an even greater selection of food stalls at the next Lighthouse Festival.

All in all, the Lighthouse Festival was a great success and showed how important such events are for cohesion and a sense of community in our district.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in the planning and implementation and to all the guests at the Lighthouse Festival!

Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort
Leuchtturmfest Friedrichsort

New flower barrels for the district center

Together with tradespeople and Kiel Marketing, the shopping street in the Kiel district of Pries-Friedrichsort was planted with colorful plants on Friday, 28 April 2023 as part of the district center promotion program. In addition to revitalizing the district, the aim of this campaign is to improve the quality of life and beautify the shopping street. The special thing about it is that the tradespeople sponsor a flower pot and independently ensure uniform planting throughout the summer season.

You can find a detailed article about the planting campaign here.

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