Kiel-Marketing e. V.

Purpose and tasks of the association

Kiel's first tourism association was founded on April 24, 1897 under the name "Verein zur Hebung des Fremden- und Geschäftsverkehrs". The tasks of developing tourism were divided between the association and the town council until the 1980s. In 1988, the Tourist-Information e.V. was founded, to which the tourist task was completely transferred by the state capital of Kiel in the interests of the common good.

The Kiel-Marketing e.V. association was created in 2006 from the merging of the Tourist-Information Kiel e.V. and the old Kiel-Marketing e.V.. It combines the business areas of tourism and city and downtown management. The current association can therefore look back on 122 years of tradition and experience. It is managed by the executive board, the board of directors and the management. The Managing Director also manages Kiel-Marketing GmbH.

The association is registered at Kiel District Court under the following entry: VR 4935 KI.

Kiel-Marketing makes an indispensable contribution to the touristic and economic development of the state capital Kiel with the association and the GmbH. Read which tasks have been the focus of the last few years.

The following objectives result from the guidelines for the development of tourism in the state capital of Kiel (resolution of the council meeting of February 20, 2003) in accordance with the association's statutes:

  • to promote cooperation between local and regional tourism partners
  • bundling and transparency of tourist offers
  • development of new touristic-maritime projects and offers
  • contribution to the improvement of the general and tourist infrastructure
  • to expand Kiel's importance as a ferry and cruise port
  • to promote Kiel as a conference, congress and trade fair location
  • to strengthen general offer marketing
  • to strengthen Kiel's maritime image positioning
  • to improve information options (signage and internet)
  • to emphasize Kiel's tourist potential as a shopping destination
  • to promote the population's identification with Kiel

In 2008, the new overall tourism concept was adopted by the state capital of Kiel, to which the association refers in its work.
Overall tourism concept

Business division


Here, sea and beach, vacation paradise, and big city merge into a unique experience.

City and downtown management division


Communication and cooperation are the fundamental building blocks of any city and downtown management.

Neighbourhood management Pries-Friedrichsort


In order to revitalize and make the neighbourhoods more attractive, the neighbourhood management focuses on bringing life back into vacant properties, establishing a neighbourhood community for sustainable cooperation and developing a long-term profiling strategy that makes the neighbourhood and thus the entire district fit for the future.

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