Stadt- und Citymanagement

City and downtown management


Communication and cooperation are the basic building blocks of any city and downtown management. Enhancing the attractiveness and increasing the quality of life in the state capital of Kiel are the overriding goals of Kiel-Marketing. The target groups are guests, investors and, last but not least, the citizens of KIEL.SAILING CITY.


Structure and working methods

With this objective in mind, the concrete work of the city and downtown management lies in taking on tasks regarding events, planning and projects for the urban community. The different partners and players in the city structure must be networked with each other, the individual activities bundled and coordinated. To this end, common goals are identified and synergies exploited. The city and downtown management team is involved in municipal committees and working groups, organizes "round tables" and maintains close contact with advertising and interest groups as well as associations and clubs. Kiel-Marketing initiates infrastructural upgrading measures, planning instruments and development concepts, supports them with expert knowledge and also critically and constructively evaluates them. The city management advises advertising associations, districts and interest groups on the establishment of organizational structures, the development of concepts and communication measures.

Practical examples

With the realization of the "Kiel City Centre Annual Marketing Levy", the City Management has set a milestone for the city centre. Supported by around 200 businesses and stakeholders, a spectrum of services has been implemented since 2009, ranging from the "Meer Innenstadt" ("Sea City Centre") location campaign to the implementation of Sunday openings and Christmas lighting for the city centre area between Holstenplatz and Dänische Strasse.

The revitalization of Kiel's city centre and the creation of a tangible experience of its cultural, maritime and culinary strengths are core tasks of city management. The Kiel Boat Harbour Summer series of events should be seen against this background. The successful refinancing of the project through private partners and the newly acquired title sponsor in the third year of implementation should be emphasized. Kiel-Marketing also supports district festivals such as the Lighthouse Festival in Friedrichsort and organizes central events such as the Stadtwerke Ice Festival, as well as the farmers' and regional market and the Scandinavian Days to enable retailers to open on Sundays. Of particular note here is the city-wide Sunday opening campaign KIEL MACHT AUF (since 2021: ICH FÜHL MICH KIEL), which has been implemented together with all major shopping areas and centres since 2011.


City center events and open Sundays