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Five keys to a successful rental
Become a host

Do you own private accommodation that you would like to rent out? Do you want a high occupancy rate, good visibility, easy handling and personal contacts? Then become part of the Kiel-Marketing network and your rental will be a success with us!
Hosts around the Kiel Fjord rent successfully with Kiel-Marketing. The demand for private vacation apartments is increasing year after year. This trend has increased again during the coronavirus pandemic. Let's shape and successfully expand this trend together. Here are five of the best reasons for working with Kiel-Marketing!

First key

On average, you are already fully booked for half a year through the mediation of Kiel-Marketing and our affiliated partners. If you include regular guests who book regularly or direct rentals, then you no longer have to worry about the occupancy rate of your vacation property in the future.

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Second key

With us, your vacation rental is automatically presented on all important websites. You only have to maintain your offers centrally in our system - all pages are automatically supplied with the latest data by our interfaces. You also only have to maintain your booking calendar with us - the availability is automatically updated on all sites. Our landlords no longer have to deal with double bookings and calendar synchronization.

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Third key

Whether it's a printed vacation catalog, the Kiel.Sailing.City website or the accommodation agency directly on site in Kiel and Heikendorf - we make sure that your vacation property is also booked at all official locations in the region. Benefit from advertisements, online advertising, newsletters and many other advertising campaigns for vacations on the Kiel Fjord. Take advantage of the region's advertising network in addition to our agency services.

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Fourth key

Forget the jungle of confusing commission regulations of the various portals. Not only do we automatically list your property on over 60 of the most important online portals via our interfaces, we also standardize the commission: regardless of whether the booking is made via us or one of the partner portals, the commission is always 15 percent! We help you keep track of everything: One access, one booking calendar, one commission.

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Fifth key

We don't leave you alone with the letting: almost 100 experienced landlords and over 30 employees at Kiel-Marketing are at your side to provide you with advice and assistance. As a member of Kiel-Marketing e.V., you also have access to a valuable network for personal exchange with experts and other landlords. Regular V.I.P. events, get-togethers and training courses offer real added value for landlords.

Welcome to the club.

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