Mädchen hält Kielgutschein in die Kamera

Become a partner of the KIELGUTSCHEIN

There are many good reasons to become an acceptance point for the KIELGUTSCHEIN:

  • free participation as an acceptance point
  • commitment to Kiel.Sailing.City as a location and commitment to local purchasing tract (once money has flowed into the system, it can only be spent within the network)
  • the KIELGUTSCHEIN can also be redeemed in installments
  • new customers (the vouchers are available 24/7 via the wide-reaching voucher portal and therefore reach a younger target group)
  • expansion of the service offering and customer friendliness
  • increased frequency on site
  • low sales-related commission (max. 4%), which then flows back into the system and marketing. As a member of Kiel-Marketing or an advertising association participating in Kiel-Marketing, we will invoice you at favorable conditions.
  • simple handling: direct interface to the 3POS, which is a POS system widely used in Kiel, so that vouchers can be validated directly during the payment process. All others validate the vouchers via smartphone, tablet or PC. You receive the credit note for the validated vouchers together with the detailed statement once a month - fully automated and perfectly prepared for accounting purposes.

Registration for the KIELGUTSCHEIN

You can register your company here free of charge and without obligation. We will be happy to provide support if required. You are not taking any risk - the only thing that can happen is turnover - and who can say no to that?

You have further questions about the system and would like support with registration? Please feel free to contact us:

 Ina Runge<br>Project Manager Digitalization Local Economy<br><a href="mailto:i.runge@kiel-marketing.de">E-mail: i.runge(at)kiel-marketing.de</a><br>Phone: <a href="tel.:04316791061">0431 - 679 10 61</a>